Real Estate and Real Gentrification
Real Estate and Real Gentrification

Real Estate and Real Gentrification


Frenchtown’s New Face

Recently, Frenchtown has had an incredible amount of renovation going on near the National on Race Street. The building is the old home of the Hot-Air Balloon Company, and later an antique store. The renovation was undertaken by Dorsey Reading of Erwinna Pennsylvania. Shown above are the before and after photos of his latest project.

Some friends in town have decried the loss of Frenchtown’s ugly and funky buildings, but as for me this is one incredible historic makeover for Race Street, Frenchtown, and the entire Hunterdon and Bucks County region itself. What was once a historic old building from the mid 1800’s that was butchered and cheapened in the 1940’s with cheap common building materials. The building is now a Cape Codish gem exectuted in the style of the period in which the original building was built.

We recommend that this project receive awards from the New Jersey Architectural Society!!! (or at least a feature on Home and Garden TV!!!)


May 6, 2005

Dorsey Reading, the owner and contractor of this building and this project did get an award for this rehab project, just as we called for in this blog a long time before the award was given. applauds Dorsey for his work, and we congratulate him on his award. (photo of award and Dorsey coming in the next few days)