Frenchtown NJ Development: Hearing on Wednesday, November 9

George Michael Development Plans
George Michael Development Plans

A public hearing will be held by the Frenchtown Planning Board this coming Wednesday night, November 9, 2005 at 7:30 PM to hear the latest proposal from George Michael for the empty lot between The Frenchtown Inn and Alchemy Clothing.

George Michael and Georgetown Builders have scaled back their original proposal and will present the artists concept drawings at this meeting. The photo below shows what the new building that will face Bridge Street will look like.

River Mills at Frenchtown
George Michael Development: River Mills at Frenchtown

The photo below shows Bridge Street as it appeared in the 1960’s. This scene is taken from a vintage postcard and shows the site of the proposed development.

Frenchtown NJ in the 1960's
Frenchtown NJ in the 1960’s

The photo below shows a closeup of the original Victorian building that existed on this property. George Michael has taken care to make sure that the new development fits in with the townscape, and from the concept sketches it seems that he has succeeded in doing so.

Frenchtown New Jersey 1960's Closeup
Frenchtown New Jersey Development Site as it was in the 1960’s Closeup Shot

The photo below shows the development site as it now appears. Be sure and read our editorial about this development: B-I-G Comes Home. and other related articles: Not Just For Real Estate Developers Anymore, and Real Estate and Real Gentrification.

Frenchtown New Jersey Development Site
Frenchtown New Jersey Development Site

Disclaimers: George Michael and Georgetown Builders are members of the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association of which I am a member. This has not shaped or influenced my opinion in any manner as is proven by my original editorials that were published long before he or his company was a member of our association. and the Frenchtown NJ Blog encourage everyone with opposing views of this major development to post their views here and on the Frenchtown NJ Community Forum on Yahoo, and to show up next Wednesday night to voice their opinions pro or con.

The plans for this project are available for public viewing at the Frenchtown New Jersey Borough Hall on Second Street.


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