Best of Frenchtown 2005

A few years ago an enterprising Frenchtown merchant came up with an ingenious idea called “The Best of Frenchtown Awards”. and the Frenchtown NJ Blog will adopt and adapt this idea to reward the best of this past year.

Our first award, The Best of Frenchtown Visionary Award goes to George Michael and Georgetown Builders for their proposed commercial and residential development on a vacant lot in the center of town. This vision is one that will enhance the heart of Frenchtown by providing more retail space and affordable and upscale housing. We applaud Mr Michael’s vision and welcome him to town.

Our third award, The Best of Frenchtown Au Revoir Award goes to Sassafras and Kathy Greco. Sassafras will be closing it’s doors after 6 years in Frenchtown at the end of February and all of Frenchtown will miss her, her unique gentle spirit and her unique store located in the heart of town.

Our forth award, The Best of Frenchtown Public Service Award goes to Mayor Ron Sworen for acquiring more than 3/4 of a million dollars for a new park and ride facility at the river with paved parking, landscaping, and lighting near the bridge from the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission. We applaud Mayor Sworen for his hard work in making this happen.

Our fifth award, The Best of Frenchtown Renaissance Award goes to Dorsey Reading who transformed an ugly duckling hohum building at 33 Race Street into a Cape Codlike 3 story masterpiece of period architecture. We applaud Dorsey Reading for his sense of style, attention to detail and investment in the future of Frenchtown.


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