NYC, Part 7: Gotham Bar and Grill
NYC, Part 7: Gotham Bar and Grill

NYC, Part 7: Gotham Bar and Grill

Review: NYC’s Best Restaurant: Gotham Bar and Grill, Greenwich Village, New York City

Our whirlwind tour of New York City ends on a very high note. For that we have THE GOTHAM BAR AND GRILL to thank.

Our experience with Gotham goes back 20 years. For my partner and chef friend, Gotham was the creator of Nouvelle or New American Cuisine. It inspired his own sense of creativity and his own approach towards cooking.

When we met over 10 years ago, Gotham was one of the first places he wanted to take me. He wanted to share with me this incredible place, this incredible food. It was not a good dining night, and the food was uninspiring that night. It seemed that the chef had lost his cutting edge, and that somehow he was not growing and changing. It took us many years to get back there and give Gotham another chance.

We went back to Gotham because our friends coming to NYC was a once in a lifetime event. We knew that it would provide the best contrast to dining in the Deep South. We were right. Our night at Gotham was true experiential dining.

Gotham in NYC
Gotham in NYC

That is not a phrase I use lightly either. It is rare when a restaurant meets this standard. Gotham performs. There were no uncomfortable awkward moments with our waiter, the menu, the support staff, the hostess or the environment. Everything was perfection.

Our recommendations for dinner are:

Seafood Salad $18.00 a beautiful stacked salad of scallops, squid, Japanese octopus, lobster and avocado.

Gotham Pasta — (“Composed and Priced Daily”) Ours was a delicious Lobster Pasta that we all shared as an appetizer.

Snake River Farms Pork $38.00 served with a soft polenta, fava beans, roasted plums and rhubarb. This was a wonderful cut of pork that was perfectly cooked to be succulent with a masterful array of accompanying tastes to compliment the experience. For this dish, Gotham gets out vote for the Best Pork Chop We Have Ever Had Anywhere.

Grilled New York Steak $38.00 I have never seen a “40 dollar steak before”, but the gastronomic delight of everyone that tasted it makes it another award winner. Gotham gets our vote for the Best Steak Ever.

Soft Shell Crab $??.?? This seasonal selection was presented (dished) as only Gotham can and was an all-around favorite at our table of four.

Gotham is back on the cutting edge, and we can’t wait to get back there!


Gotham is not cheap. Be prepared to be delighted but don’t be timid, and don’t try to do it on the cheap, that’s not what Gotham is about. Save it for special occasions if your budget is tight.

Gotham is very successful and very crowded, but with an incredible energy to it, but please make your reservations early.


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