Reboot/Restoration Project Reboot/Restoration Project Reboot/Restoration Project

It has been years since I posted new content here. I’m now in the process of starting new projects and looking towards the future. At the same time, I am looking back to the moment when I started blogging.

That first blog was started in August of 2004 on It was completely devoted to my hometown of Frenchtown, New Jersey. It was the original Over the years, the whole concept of the site changed and my blogging platform changed with it. I came to fall in love with WordPress and I’ve never looked back, until now. That original blog contained the kernels of ideas that I would expand on over the years and refine into a format that I still use today to create vibrant and useful web properties.

Frenchtown on the Delaware River

That is why I am restoring that quaint old site on I took an old post and have rebooted it with updates, larger photos, and live links. It is my original post on why I love Frenchtown. It reads like a tourists brochure and that is totally appropriate because that is what I wanted. At that point, Frenchtown was slowly dying. It was stagnant and rotten. It needed a change, and I hoped to spur it on to that change.

In rebooting that article, I have told the story of how Frenchtown has changed in a small way. I’m also hoping to start a discussion about how it is changing right now and how it might be changing in the near future.