One Cambridge Center - Microsoft Broadway - Main - Third - Cambridge MA small

Back from Boston

We’re back in Jersey from our Fourth of July events tour of Worcester, Hingham, Cambridge, and Boston. Val & I (otherwise known as the Go2 Crew) are back home. We had a great time, walked thousands of miles, took millions of photos, met some great people, discovered new wonders and totally exhausted ourselves. We’ll be posting photos and short stories from our travels all this week on Go2.Guide.

Shown above is one of our discoveries, the circle at 1 Cambridge Center at Broadway, Main and Third in Cambridge, near MIT. This shot shows the Microsoft building, the Kendall T Hubway Station and a view down Main Street. It is one incredible public space. The Galaxy, Earth Sphere fountain is located to the right, or in front of the building. See our map below for the exact location of 1 Cambridge Center.