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Frenchtowner.com was begun in July of 2004 as a regional travel guide to Frenchtown New Jersey and the surrounding area. Our mission, in the beginning, was to feature the best of the area shopping, dining, lodging, and recreation. This site serves as an archive of our earliest efforts at building a web property.

Frenchtowner.com at one point was getting about 984 unique visitors per day, and about 2.5 million hits per year. Our Clinton, Lambertville and New Hope Restaurant Guides were our most popular new pages on Frenchtowner.com. When Google revolutionized the internet and started giving the reader the information that he or she was looking for directly in the search results rather than referring them to an authority site, we lost 75% of our traffic and our income. Over the years, we have readjusted and reworked things and found a new way of doing things. Our last site was very successful and it was sold to investors. We are now in the process of restoring this site and building a new site from scratch.

This site and a few others that we host for friends are run by myself and my partner. We are a very small but creative and hard-working team.

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