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Back from Boston

We’re back in Jersey from our Fourth of July events tour of Worcester, Hingham, Cambridge, and Boston. Val & I (otherwise known as the Go2 Crew) are back home. We had a great time, walked thousands of miles, took millions of photos, met some great people, discovered new wonders and totally exhausted ourselves. We’ll be…

Go2.Guide is Live!

Our new web property, Go2.Guide is now live. Go2 is an online Massachusetts Lifestyle Magazine that features event listings, lifestyle stories and more. Massachusetts Fireworks Guide: Summer Edition Our first projects include Massachusetts Fireworks Feature Fourth of July in Massachusetts Best Blogs of Massachusetts

Val Reboot Gif Reboot/Restoration Project

It has been years since I posted new content here. I’m now in the process of starting new projects and looking towards the future. At the same time, I am looking back to the moment when I started blogging. That first blog was started in August of 2004 on It was completely devoted to…