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  1. I would like to know how to update incorrect information on your website….The Chicken Dog Cafe has moved from the Golden Nugget Flea Market and is located 4 miles north of the Market in the new Mt. Airy Village Shopping Center. Your website says that I am out of business….would just like to correct that – do I need to pay for a correction in order to update that information?

    Linda Gibbs, Owner
    Chicken Dog Cafe
    Lambertville, NJ 609-397-7500

    1. Linda,

      Thanks for the kind words and the good news. I had searched for your business recently and I could not find it, so I said that you were out of business. I will update your page now and you can leave a comment on that page about your business and your food and anything else you would like to add.


  2. If you’ve been looking for the Chicken Dog Cafe that was previously located at the Golden Nugget Flea Market from 2005 until 2007- it has now relocated to a wonderful new site at 54 Mt. Airy Village Shopping Center. It has just celebrated it’s third Holiday Season at the new location. It is 3 miles from the Bridge Street Intersection on River Road – heading north towards Flemington, the road turns into Route 179. Hours for the winter are
    Monday – Friday 5:30 AM-Closing at 8PM, Saturday – Open at 5:30AM – Closing at 6PM. Closed on Sundays.

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