New Hope Virtual Tour

Main Street in New Hope
Main Street in New Hope

New Hope Virtual Tour


New Hope was founded as a mill town. That’s where the name comes from. In 1790, a mill called Prime Hope Mills near Lambertville burned, and the owner, a businessman named Benjamin Parry decided to build his new mill on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania at the mouth of Ingham Creek. He called this new mill “New Hope Mills”. The name came to be associated with the community that was growing up around the mill and that is how New Hope got it’s name. The Parry mill was saved from the wrecking ball in 1939 and became the Bucks County Playhouse. This photo was taken in front of the theatre and their sandwich board is shown announcing today’s show. In this shot we are facing south on Main Street near the creek and just south of the New Hope Visitor’s Center and the Logan Inn.

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